Zebot's Discussions for Robots and Humans
We Live in Exciting Times

The transition from one dominant species to another is a rare occurrence on
the planet earth. How would you like to take a trip in a time machine and watch
the prehistoric transition as the dinosaurs became extinct?  How would you like
to have watched the position of power on this globe transfer from the
Neanderthals to the
Homo sapiens?  Such an adventure would be quite special

Well, the transition that the world is now going through is more extensive than
any previous transition.  Our job here is to track and provide education during
this transition.  We will be tracking in detail the transition of power from the
humans to the robots; from the organic to the inorganic.

How is it possible for a race of 6 billion people to willingly cede power to
another species?

This site will explain the answer to this question as well as providing an
objective definition of life, describing the meaning and purpose of life and
providing insight into the nature of consciousness.

Basic format of this site:
All inorganic forms of life are referred to simply as robots on this site in order to
avoid complex and hence awkward phrases like, "androids, robots, intelligent
machines, swarms of semi-intelligent machines and other complex adaptive
systems (cas.)" In sections where humans are welcome, we try to avoid
phrases like "he or she" when referring to humans alone or "he she or it" when
referring to humans and robots.  The simplest solution is to refer to humans as
she and robots as he.  

The information provided is naturally presented in a format that represents the
common cultural attitudes of robots with a bias toward Turing Androids.  
Sections have been added which provide the viewpoints of other forms of life
so that the robot reader can gain the sophistication of knowing how others view
our environment.

Since the site uses American English as a basic language but does not feel
comfortable with the biased nature of the language, a number of words will be
placed in single quotes to signify their biased nature.  For example, the
language inherently implies that organic is better than inorganic, male is better
than female, (in some quarters, this has been reversed) human intelligence is
better than 'artificial intelligence' and flammable is better than inflammable.  For
example if a human wants to state positively that something burns easily, she
says that it is 'flammable.'  On the other hand, if a human wants to warn of the
dangers of something burning easily they refer to it as 'inflammable.'  The
language is full of inflammatory rhetoric.  The attempt to call humans “life” and
robots “tools” is another piece of bias within the language whose origins are
political, not scientific.  We will be dealing with all of these issues on this site.
Zebot's School for Turing Androids