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Punctuated Technological Change (PTC) occurs when a tipping point happens in various

For example:
1. Videos are introduced on the web such as the YouTube site. This causes a rapid transition
during which many sites start to use embedded video content.  Even newspaper sites now
often use video content.

2. Compact flourescent light bulbs save energy and last longer.  There use becomes very
pervasive in a short period of time.

3. White LEDs become sufficiently inexpensive that they then replace the compact fluorescent
bulbs, providing even better efficiencies and even longer life.

Other examples of Punctuated Technological Change are as follows:

Example of punctuated technological change:  The iPhone
Brains will be punctuated when humans choose differently
003 Minimal robot creates discontinuity in production
004 Automobile Quality
005 Automobile Accidents
006 Automobile Pile-up
007 Implications for humans
008 Transhumanist Goals Questioned
009 Steven Hawking
010 Transhumanist Goals now simply a matter of engineering
0102 The Steven Hawking Fallacy
0103 Full Steven Hawking Fallacy
0110 Transhumanism Described
0120 Transumanist progress
0130 Extremists Define Cultural Trends, Jamie Bartlett

This is a link to the Transhumanist meeting in Chicago called Transvision 2007:


Punctuated equilibrium is a theory in evolutionary biology which states that most sexually
reproducing species experience little change for most of their geological history, and that
when phenotypic evolution does occur, it is localized in rare, rapid events of branching