When your body becomes old, consider snatching a younger body

At some point in the future, one will be able to add computers and communicators (formerly known as smartphones) to one's
brain cavity in order to enhance and back up one's personality and soul to the cloud.  This means that if you were to die, your
essence would be preserved.  After all, why back up your computer but not back up your personality?  But whereas that helps
keep one's mind young and improved, that doesn't help the person to have a younger body.

But wait!  If one's brain and soul is duplicated in the cloud, all one has to do is to install the communicator with the unique
code and password that identifies the individual as "you" into a younger body.  Hence, we can easily predict the practice of
body snatching will become common.  People sell their kidney, perhaps this fellow will sell his body:

donbot doesn't advocate body snatching...this content is only meant to predict what may happen in the future.

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