Farming for Oneself in the Desert

Annual high temperature:        86.7°F
Average annual precipitation - rainfall:        8.04 inch
Days per year with precipitation - rainfall:        36 days
Annual hours of sunshine:        3832 hours

New Mexico:
Rainfall: 13.85 inches

Nevada ranks as the driest state, with an average annual precipitation of 9.5 inches.

People with EarthShips in New Mexico state that they can survive with only 4 inches of rain per year.

There are devices which capture the moisture out of the damp desert night air:
An atmospheric water generator (AWG) is a device that extracts water from humid ambient air. Water vapor
in the air can be extracted by condensation - cooling the air below its dew point, exposing the air to
desiccants, or pressurizing the air. Unlike a dehumidifier, an AWG is designed to render the water
Atmospheric water generator - Wikipedia

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