Making Friends with Robots

If you think that robots are advancing rapidly and could be a threat to some humans at some point in time,
it may benefit you to ask yourself who will survive longer:
a. People who don't deal with robots, or
b. people who work and cooperate with robots and can call them friends?

We know that Neanderthals interbred with humans.  Which particular Neanderthals lived the longest?  
Those who made friends with humans or those who didn't even learn a human language?
at 26:20 he talks about using Alexa to answer medical questions:
John Brownstein: "Digital Phenotyping and the Future of Healthcare" | Talks at Google
Dr. Brownstein's talk touches on the his work at the cutting edge of healthcare innovation. A computational
epidemiologist, Dr. Brownstein is one of the most prominent and influential health scientists and
entrepreneurs; per CNBC, “When big tech companies want to get into health, they call this Harvard
researcher”. Among his many achievements: improving upon Google Flu trends to create HealthMap;
creating the first Amazon Alexa/Echo health application; and co-founding Circulation in conjunction with
Uber, to provide non-emergency medical transport.

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