Farming for Oneself

How Karl Hammer Feeds 600 Chickens
Karl Hammer of Vermont Compost has been feeding hundreds, sometimes thousands of chickens without
grain for 20 years. His magic? Compost. But, do the chickens still lay? 300 a day! Oh, and he’s got unique
donkeys that deliver the eggs and other goods to the customers in town

Check out, Karl Hammer’s Vermont Compost:

Normal Guy Quits JOB to Farm (pastured chickens)
They were ALL normal… Then, for health reasons, they ordered 50 chickens (they knew NOTHING about
raising chickens ;) and an unbelievable pastured poultry business was born. This is the story of southern
California’s premier farm, Primal Pastures.

Picture these farming and chicken-raising operations with robots helping.
Jonathan Dodd of Nebraska is jammin out his 5 acre homestead with permaculture abundance: Market
gardens, fruit and nut trees, chickens, ducks, geese, pigs, sheep and ALL kinds of goodness. It’s hard to
believe just how much one can do on only five acres of land.

Juvinile turkeys eat bugs without damaging by scratching the earth around the vegetables.

the ONE ACRE micro Farm | Anyone could do
DaNelle, of Weed Em and Reap shows what’s possible on just ONE acre in the middle of suburbia Arizona.
Goats, sheep, gardens and a budding food forest.

The Market Gardner speaking in English in Burlington Vermont:
Join Jean-Martin Fortier (JM), author of award-winning book "The Market Gardener", as he explains how he
generates over $100,000 in sales annually from 1 1/2 acres of bio-intensively managed vegetables on his
farm in Quebec. JM has inspired thousands of readers worldwide to reimagine human-scale food systems.
His message is one of empowerment in order to educate, encourage and inspire people into pursuing a
farming career and lifestyle. Part one of a five-part series recorded at the 33rd annual NOFA-VT Winter
Conference on February 16, 2015.

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