Life Extension

A number of people have the desire to live.  In many cases, this is being extended to the concept of not
dying.  In order to not die, one must make an effort to continue one's life beyond the normal "life
expectancy" limits.  How does one go about doing this?

One part might be taking care lest an atomic war or EMP occur, either from the Sun or from an enemy attack.

-The Sun.
-The UN is obviously one such enemy, given that they have established the goals written up in Agenda 21, to
reduce the population of the humans on the earth to about one-half billion from the current 7 billion.  
-North Korea might be another, but I suspect that the US now has anti-missile technology that can stop
anything North Korea has to offer.  
-Our own government is another possible source of a will and ability to cull the population.
-Again, our own government might be hiding facts about growing probabilities of earthquakes and
volcanoes. After all, if you were in charge, would you tell everyone that the Yellowstone caldera is about to
blow if all it would do is to cause panic and destroy the economy?  After all, a 80% certainty of it blowing in
the next 50 years is not equivalent to a "certainty", is it?  What if you cause a panic and it doesn't occur?  
That would make you look very stupid.  On the other hand, the Global Warming Alarmists don't seem to be
concerned about being found out to be liers.

Beyond these foes, one might consider oneself.  
To counter this, one part of the effort would involve taking care of one's health until such time that the
technology to continue one's life continuously is available.

Techniques for Extension:
- Freezing one's body.  Ted Williams head is frozen and some day it will likely be possible to create a
duplicate body and install his memories from the frozen brain into his new body.
- Scanning one's brain and uploading it to a computer or a "cloud" of computers where one might live as
long as Amazon Web Services exists.  

Freezing is not all that certain given that it might be expensive to recover one's existence.
Uploading to the cloud is probably the lowest cost method of surviving in a digital world.
Combined approach: If one chooses freezing, they might be wise to anticipate coming back digitally, given
the current trends.  

Given that current artificial neural networks are now on par with humans in the area of visual cortex, the
rest of our brain should be able to be constructed by 2025.  Let's say that it will be affordable by 2030.

Consider the current trends.  Writing letters with a quill pen has morphed into Facebook.  Given that, why
can't our whole human brain morph into a computer structure?

What are your feelings on the subject?

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