Machines with Human Intelligence by 2029

There are two basic kinds of computers, those programmed like our typical PCs and those programmed
to be neural networks.  Some neural network based computers use evolutionary algorithms to improve
their own neural networks.  By using neural networks, computers are moving toward using modes of
thinking which are similar to how the human mind works.  Of the more than 200 areas of the brain, 20
have now been detailed and simulated to the point where the simulated module gives similar outputs
when compared to the module in the human brain.

It is estimated that by 2029, there will be Machines with Intelligence that is similar to that of humans
but without the disadvantages of needing food and water like humans do.  The most obvious application
of such robots is in the investigation of other planets.  Since their lifetime will be longer, they can also
be used to investigate deep space.  

Since this is an obvious transition from evolved life to created life, we should suspect that if we are
ever visited by "Aliens" from deep space, we should expect that such aliens would be computer-based or
perhaps more advanced than what we conceive our computers to be.  

If you are to survive the upcoming robot revolution, you might consider uploading your mind to one of the
robots so that you don't have to compete with robots using an inferior human body.