Neanderthal Children

Let us say that you receive an email news message in 10 years that states that your neighbor has
been found to have 12 Neanderthal children in her basement. They came about by cloning with DNA
found in old Neanderthal bones.  What should society do about these Neanderthal children?  Should
they be placed in zoos, placed into foster homes, adopted by human families or placed into scientific

If this happens you believe that you would:

a. Pretend that you didn't notice.
b. Want them made into heroes while the people who created them are imprisoned as criminals.
c. Want them placed into scientific laboratories to be studied.
d. Want them placed into foster homes.
e. Want them adopted by Native American families and taught to live in teepees.
f.  Want them to be given their own homes and taught how to use computer dating services to find
human mates.
g. Want them placed in a zoo.