Smart Dog

Your neighbor purchases a dog and the dog seems to be very intelligent.  You ask why and your
neighbor tells you that it is a new breed of dog.  That seems fine and the dog stays on its owner's
property without needing a chain or electronic dog fence.  After a few months, you notice that the dog
fetches the newspaper for your neighbor and you jokingly ask the dog to fetch yours as well.  The dog
gets your newspaper and brings it to you.  The dog seems to understand English to the point that you
can toss a stick and tell her not to get it and he will just sit.  Then if you ask her to fetch the stick, she
will.  The dog can take another neighbor's dog for a walk by grabbing its leash in its mouth and growling
if it doesn't heel properly.

Would you become upset that someone has created such a smart dog?  After two years you pick up
the newspaper and find that such dogs are the result of mixing human genes with dog DNA and that
such dogs are common in Sweden.   Would you:

a. Mind your own business and do nothing.
b. Want a puppy from the dog's next litter.
c. Write letters to your congresspeople demanding that such animals be illegal in the USA?
d. Move away.