Kurzweil we will merge with machines

Humans will be merging with machines.
Moved from Biological Evolution to Technological Evolution.

Personally, I have always assumed that humans dominated the planet simply because they were the
most intelligent species.  Now that we are looking at machines which will be more intelligent by 2029,
what are we to do?

1. Go peacefully?
2. Fight to remain 'on top' in spite of our mental inferiority?
3. Merge with the machines.

Look how far humanity has come. What an elaborate and complex world we have built. A world, in fact,
that’s far more complex than our brains can handle.

In the modern society, we still operate using the reptile brain that dates back hundreds of thousands
of years ago.

We act on subconscious urges and then justify it with our 'rational brains'.  We think that we have
"free will", but it is an illusion.

Our false cognition driven by this outdated brain can’t help but misinterpret about every possible
stimulus in our daily lives where modern inventions play such an important role.

This is where AI comes in.

The upcoming paradigm shift is not just a technological revolution.  It’s an evolutional revolution. It’s
the biggest shift in human evolution since the dawn of time that will change who we are as a species
for good.

AI will not replace humans, nor will it compete with us. Instead, we will utilize and integrate it into
our cognition. Our evolution will shift from biological to technological if you will. It’s not the computer
that becomes super intelligent. It’s the human who becomes super intelligent.

Artificial intelligence-driven brains sound scary. But can you imagine the future of humanity and AI in