Human Longevity Problems are now being done by robots

The world has increased its debt to dozens of trillions of dollars.  What is to be done about it?

To whom is the money owed?  Are the people who loaned the money expecting to be paid back?  
Perhaps it is institutions which are owed the money, not humans directly.
How are the institution's robots programmed to respond when demands for payment are delivered to
the institution?  

Let us claim that beyond the robots, the debt is owed eventually to humans.  In the past it has been
noted that money cannot buy health, but if it could, what would extending one's life to 120 years of
age be worth?  To an individual that is owed 10 Trillion dollars, maybe it wold be worth $9 Trillion.  
Such bargaining could reduce the debt substantially.

To those who don't accept such deals, the United Nations World Government might simply:
1. Accept responsibility for all large debt owed by nations and individuals.
2. Impose a death tax on all world citizens and just wait to collect the balance of the debt in the
form of taxes.

I know a family where the father of the home was a member of the Teamsters Union and he was fully
covered for medical costs for any problems that might arise with his family.  When his son was born
with extensive long-term problems, some tough-looking burly men showed up to inform them that
their insurance had been summarily cancelled.  Is that the kind of debt to which you refer?

Another way of looking at it is "who owes this large debt"?  If the most powerful nation is also the
second largest debtor, then who is going to collect?

If you owe the government $1,000,000,000.00 then you are in trouble.  If the government owes you
$5000, then you are not in trouble and you might collect.  If the government owes you a trillion
dollars, perhaps it is you who are in trouble and not the government because they have bigger guns
than you do.  Do you want to be owed any sum of money which exceeds the cost of hiring a "hit man"?