Human Longevity Problems are now being done by robots

Steve Juretson VLAB MIT    Bay Area.

Let us say that a certain portion of the world's debt is really "a commitment to supply life support in
retirement".   Given that technology is now advancing rapidly, what if the government offered a
substitute for SSI and current Retirement Plans?  The elective alternative would be a healthy life
extended to the age of 120.  Perhaps the person would be expected to work for a larger percentage
of his or her life in order to earn this extended life.  A long healthy life in exchange for the debt
owed.  If everyone else but one Lonely Aged Citizen in a particular Senior Citizens Home has left to
go back to work and now has a home on the beach where they water ski and frollic, what would the last
occupant of the Senior citizens home chose to do?

In other words, the future is so filled with abundance and deflated costs that current theories of
economics including the Massive Debt referred to above are beginning to be the subject attended to
only by those people who lack awareness of what is happening in today's world.  

For example, what if you pose your question to Steven Jurvetson who just invested money into firm
which will be breeding pigs in order to grow organs which are histocompatible with humans and
therefore anyone with a need for an organ no longer needs to wait for for another human to die in
order to get a transplant?  Will Steve understand your concern or is he to busy heading off problems
with technology?

How about Peter Diamandis?  He wrote the book "Abundance".  Does his book indicate a concern with