Technology Advancing

Fusion Energy will increasingly be perceived to be on track to increase its use for generating energy.

Electric cars will increasingly be perceived to be on a path where they will become less expensive and
cost far less to maintain.  
a. gone will be radiator leaks, oil pan drips on garage floors or on blacktop driveways.  Gone will be
items such as Stop-Leak and oil additives to prevent gaskets from leaking.  Gone will be exhaust
pipes, mufflers, muffler repair shops, oil change depots, transmission repair shops, transmission fluid
leaks, checking fluid levels, slipping transmission problems. transmission humps, etc.

Self-driving cars and trucks will lessen the need for taxi's, truck drivers will be able to 'drive'
24/7. There will be fewer accidents, saving lives, lowering the need for traumatic operations,
emergency tow vehicles, ambulences, fire trucks, police cars, police men.