Index to Simubot

001 We are in a Simulation
002 Simulation of the human body could aid testing medications
003 Simulation of automobiles can aid in diagnosing crashes
004 Simulation of stock market could be profitable
005 Simulation of the Human Brain is not close according to argument
006 Graph Shows We Are "not close" and it will take until 2020
007 Simulation of Human Body and its Health
008 IBM Lecture on Simulation Process and Healthcare
009 IBM STEM Epidemic Simulator
010 Simulate a Robot walking and learning to walk from scratch
011 Siemens Industry Plant Simulator
012 Simulating Battery Powered Cars
013 Simulating Core Memory
014 Optimizing Analog Designs
015 Simulate Brain Cells MIT
016 Simulate Weather, Hoax whistle blower
017 Simulate the World Economy
Simubot believes in Simulation