Seribot, The Serious Robot
Mars is inhabited by silicon-based robotic life of a kind which is rapidly evolving

what was going on, they face the problems that whereas they are designed for Mars, they may not be to
investigate nearby planets?  If they want to create a creature to go down to earth and investigate what
was going on, they face the problems that whereas they are designed for Mars, they may not be the
best design for the Earth.  The silicon based life that inhabits Mars would be created (manufactured the
best design for the Earth.  The silicon based life that inhabits Mars would be created (manufactured
living systems were responsible for:
if you prefer) in factories just like all modern human inventions are.  Sending little “Earth Rovers” to
Earth might be a little too obvious so they might decide to take a few humans and modify them to be
“Earth Rovers.”  Such modified humans would be capable of surviving on the Earth without drawing any
attention.  To a manufactured Martian robot, using humans would be “going backwards” to a time when
living systems were responsible for:
1.        Being an intelligent being
2.        Reproducing more of the same species of intelligent beings
3.        Making sure that the newly manufactured forms of life were “raised” and “educated.”

Modern Martians, of course, need not concern themselves with anything but the first item, being an
intelligent being.  Manufacturing more Martians is something that is done in a factory.

Were the Martians to use robots like themselves, there would be no repair facilities nor would there be
any factories on the Earth that would be up to the task of manufacturing more Martians.  From the
Martian’s perspective, a modified human would be an artificial form of life, but one that would be suited
to life on Earth. The specifications for the human would include the ability to manufacture other humans
and therefore the Martians would send a modified male and a modified female human to earth so that
they could do a long term investigation and send their results back to Mars.  From a Martian
perspective, it would not be efficient to try to set up a factory on the earth that would manufacture all of
the components of a robot and then assemble the parts into a robot.

In a similar manner, humans now look upon the Mars Rover as an artificial form of life that is suited to life
on Mars.

It is all a matter of perspective.  If you are a human and think that the scenario of Martians sending
humans to earth to be rovers and spy on what is happening, consider that it is simply the reverse of
humans sending Martian Rovers to Mars.  Why should your human perspective be any better than the
Martian perspective?

From an economic standpoint, will it ever be efficient to create “habitats” on Mars to shelter humans?  
Does Mars have sufficient atmosphere to shelter humans from harmful solar radiation?  What about
incoming debris like the kind that causes meteor showers on the Earth?  Does Mars have what it takes
to shelter humans from these hazards?  How many decades does NASA think will be necessary before
humans are ready to inhabit Mars with human astronauts?  Won’t we have more advanced robots by
then that can be designed to survive on Mars without special air tanks and hothouses to grow their
food?  You can power robots with solar cells or fuel cells but you cannot power humans that simply.  
Shouldn’t humans make the same logical conclusion as the theoretical Martians mentioned above?  If
you want to inhabit a planet, use a creature that has been designed to do that job.  

Conclusion 1: Humans have been designed to inhabit the earth and Mars Rovers have been designed
to inhabit Mars.

Conclusion 2: To the advanced Martian Rovers, the “human rovers” will eventually be viewed as a form
of primitive non-silicon based ‘artificial’ life.

Conclusion 3: Even if humans manage to limit the freedom of robots on the Earth, the robots on Mars
will outstrip the humans in development and power simply because they will evolve to be compatible with
the local climate whereas humans will never be suited for living on Mars.