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Seribot has read Psychic Mafia and takes the skeptic view of things.
Paul Devereux is a hero who used to believe junk science but doesn’t anymore.  He has written or co-
written 26 books.  Sepetember 14th 2004 Coast to Coast interview

Flares from oil rigs in the Gulf have been called UFOs.  Things are seen all over the world but how they
are interpreted are culturally dependent.  A strange bolt of light in Malasia is said to represent the heads
of women who died in childbirth.  In Darjeeling area of India lanterns of little men.  All of these
interpretations seem to us as outsiders as being culturally dependent.

We must be concerned that we have our own myths if we are to be objective about things rather than
wrapped up in our own sets of culturally originated myths.  We made spacecraft and we watched fiction
TV like Star Trek and we have a normal human tendency to project our fiction onto what we believe to be
objective reality.  Courses are actually offered by Dr. Linda Groff who teaches courses both on an
accurate objective history of evolution and on Star Trek.  When she attempts to project the future from
the history of evolution she starts to quote from Star Trek.