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Scenarios are used when looking at the future.  Obviously not all scenarios will occur as the future
unfolds and, in fact, most will not.  The scenarios offered on this web site are often single subject
sketches meant to dislodge thinking that could otherwise become fixed due to linear predictions from the

Scenarios about robot superiority
Scenario regarding Cancer treatments
Scenario of what happens when humans start to trust robots more than they trust other humans

Example of the use of scenarios:
Human Generated Scenario: A human ecologist models the Earth in 2000 and predicts that the human
population will grow to 16 billion by 2100 and the global temperature will rise by 4 to 10 degrees Celsius
due to humans carrying on the activities seen in industrialized countries in 2000.

Typical Customer: A human being who assumes that humans will continue to do things similar to how
they are done now, will do these things more because of increased human population and therefore can
foresee resultant problems in earth's future.

Robot Generated Scenario: A robot ecologist predicts that exponentially increasing technological
advances will cause a shift in types of power sources away from fossil fuels and hence no excess carbon
dioxide based predictions will come to pass.

Typical Customer: A robot who assumes that humans will not continue to do things similar to how they
are done now because of the rapid change in technology.