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Amazon adding artificial intelligence to product line
Android Progress
Apes, Neanderthals, Brain Modified Monkeys are on top
CIO List of Jobs to be taken by robots
Comparison of humans and robots
Dysgenics, the worsening of genes in the human race
Examples of Technological advances which illustrate that the Robots are certainly Coming
Graph 500 plots fastest computers ability to recognize edges
How to Book about Robot Companions
Humans may want to escape the area of the world controlled by robots
Human Likes and Dislikes
Human LImitations which show that in order to make progress, we need robots to take over
Human partnership with Robots
Human prejudice lists examples of how humans are prejudiced against robots
Neural Networks
New Jobs for Robots
Numenta by Jeff Hawkins
Quantum Computation Technology
Raw Technology News List
Societal Decay
Taking Control from Humans
Watson Operating System