Robots Analyze Humanity

If robots were to analyze humanity from a "big data" or "IBM Watson computer" point of view, would
these robots find that human opinion depended to a great extent on the DNA of the particular
human and on his/her personal life experiences?
If there were a service which advised you on which advisors to follow based on:
1. Past history of the advisors recommendations based on objective data.  (more and more
imaginable as the internet data continues to grow)
2. The bias due to the DNA of the advisor.  (more imaginable as the knowledge of DNA and its
effects grow)
3. The bias due to the Life Experiences of the advisor.  (more imaginable as the knowledge of
psychology grows)
 a. To which school of economics does the advisor subscribe?
 b. At which colleges did the advisor study and in particular which professors did the advisor most

Now you must be careful with this kind of information.

Why?  Because what if you merely use such advise to pick out the advisor who agrees with your
own opinion?  Should you trust your own opinion without first subjecting it to the same rigorous
If you had a Pocket Advisor who knew your DNA and warned you against certain actions such as
"Don't marry that person...they are not compatible long-term based on their and your DNA."
Would you be open to consider such advice in a positive light?

In case you object to my line of argument toward giving robots more power in decision making, let
me give you an example of where such advice would be more obviously a positive thing.

Let us say that your new car has a blind-spot detector and it saves you from an accident by
warning you that a car is in your blind spot when you wanted to another lane.  Wouldn't you agree
that the "robot" has added to your "field of vision" so that you can make a more accurate and more
objective decision?  Then why can't a similar thing be done by analyzing the personalities of you
and a potential mate?

By the way, if you ask a robot to project the results of the massive worldwide debt, he will tell you
that many humans are exaggerating the problem.