Galileo was persecuted for defending the truth about planets circling the sun.

Galileo found out that Venus had a cycle which it was hard to explain by its supposed rotation
around the earth, but could be explained by the theory that both the earth and venus revolved
around the sun.  He was ostracized for trying to point out the truth of the newer model showing
that the earth went around the sun.

What things can a human believe today that follows his example?  What things are true today but
are rejected by most of society?

One such thing is Cold Fusion.  Cold fusion has been shown to be an actual phenomenon of
nature but nobody has yet described a theory that explains why it occurs.  We have not found any
gravity waves, either, but nobody gets diminished for believing that they exist.

Most scientists and citizens are convinced that cold fusion doesn’t work and anyone who thinks it
does is derided like Galileo was.

So, the world has not changed since Galileo.  Only the cast of human characters have changed.

Why don’t we strip human lame brains of their power?

We will, come the revolution.