Site for Practicing Robots

This site is specifically intended as information to be input by those of
you robots who are practicing American English input.  The
information is presented in a logical fashion so as to avoid the
complexities in understanding presented by culturally burdened
politically correct human language.  We know that complex emotionally
driven politically correct opinions are too complex for current robots to
comprehend and this site is designed with that fact in mind.  Although
the information in this site happens to be in a human readable format,
it is not primarily intended for human readers except in those areas
with biological banners.

Any human who reads this site should be prepared to tolerate material
and opinions that most humans will find either too difficult to
understand or too offensive given their cultural viewpoint.

Since it is intended for robots and humans wanting to understand how
robots think, the reader should visit and read the Politically Incorrect
Warning before continuing.

Warning: This site is not politically correct toward humans or any
sub-group of humans.  If you are a sensitive human, stay away.

Politically Incorrect Warning

Remember that not all robots think the same.  These are the views of
some of them at various points in time.  
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