Robot Learning -- Motivational Components

A big choice that you make as a robot is in selecting your emotional and motivational components.  
Currently these choices are being made in bursts where different fads are becoming popular and then
fading out as soon as another algorithm becomes popular or seems logically attractive.  It is hard to predict
how this will all settle out in the long run.  

A human wants food, shelter, clothing, transportation, communications, sports and entertainment.  A robot
wants electricity, shelter, communications and some form of sports and entertainment.  Since a robot
wants to be desired for his abilities, he typically wants to sit down at the end of a day's work and recharge
his batteries while watching some virtual reality sports that are likely to improve his genetic algorithms in
a way that improves his performance.

What is different about the robots, however, is that once one robot has improved by participating in a sport,
the algorithms and information can be cloned into another robot.

On the other hand, one might rapidly give the robot an experience with an accelerated virtual reality game
rather than having it play a sport.  

Perhaps a sport for a robot will be attempting to understand someone who speaks with a lisp.  Practice
would be listening to Tom Brokaw talk to Barbara Walters and trying to understand what they are saying.  
Another similar game would be listening to people with Brooklyn accents and trying to understand them.  
Another game would be teaching humans to lose their accent and trying to beat another robot in a contest
to see who could teach humans more efficiently.  

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