Comparison of Robots and Humans

Not every aspect of Robots and Humans are directly comparible, of course, but this is a summary of the basic

Humans: 9 months gestation, 21 years "growing up."  
Robots: 7 days from when the order is placed to a just-in-time facility.

Humans: 16 years for a manual laborer and 32 years for a surgeon.
Robots: 20 minutes to load software.

Cost of use, energy:
Humans: Require organic food which is subject to spoiling, must be refrigerated, can be frozen. Very complex and land
intensive manufacturing system required.
Robots: Electricity from any economically inexpensive source.  No such thing as "gourmet electricity."

Humans: Random variation and natural selection is traditional.  Some genetic engineering is now being used.
Robots: Engineers, designers, marketing experts, prototypes, performance testing, market testing, simulations, crash
testing, and other thoughtful techniques including many meetings and discussions.

Design flexibility:
Humans: Not yet very flexible.  
Robots: Extremely flexible, by comparison to humans and other organic systems.  

Current Design:
Humans: Current design is for hunter-gatherers living in caves.  When these designs are fitted with suits and sent to
work in high-rise steel and concrete towers, the result is predictable incompatibilities which are called "psychological
adjustment problems" or just plain "stress".  
Robots: Rapidly evolving designs that are keeping up with technical advances and marketing requirements.

Decision to Produce:
Humans: Often made on the basis of hormones or emotions.  The human mating ritual often involves getting drunk or
taking drugs in order to get less rational.  The more intelligent and educated the human, the more logical they are in
deciding to reproduce.  Logical and rational humans have fewer offspring.  The poor quality humans produce more
offspring.  Human societies have not yet found a way to deal with this dysgenics.
Robots: Economic decision.  Economic decisions are often made on a more rational basis than human decisions to
have sex.

Humans: Expensive, requiring hospitals, surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, etc.  
Robots: Much less expensive.  Modular construction, no need for anesthetics or "intensive care."

Humans: Death is from old age, illness or accident.  Purposeful death is illegal whether self-inflicted or inflicted by
Robots: You can terminate the life of a robot anytime he becomes uneconomical or he may terminate his own life.

Human Seem Stupid to Robots