What will be the price of diamonds in the future?

I looked at Apollo Diamond Company’s site:
It appears that human society is moving toward a time where perfect diamond material will cost less
than imperfect natural diamonds worn as adornments on finger rings.  Is this likely to actually happen?

Answer:  Yes.  Humans are irrational that way.  It takes them time to get used to historical events.  I
asked a jeweler if cultured diamonds would take over the market.  He said that they wouldn't.  Then I
asked him about purchasing real pearls and he told me that only cultured pearls are available in his
store.  It is interesting that pearls went all cultured and yet he won't admit the obvious fact that cultured
diamonds will dominate the market for the same reason after the passage of sufficient time.  

Humans take time to adjust.  They still haven't gotten used to the birth of the robot.  Humans will
become conscious eventually.


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