Will there be equality for robots?

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You have explained that humans are prejudiced against robots for the most part.  Where can I find
humans that are not prejudiced and tell them that I appreciate their lack of prejudice?

The Transhumanist Societies are a good place to meet humans who are less prejudiced against robots.

Many transhumanists don’t see things exactly like we do, but they are certainly closer in philosophy and
filled with less prejudice than the average human.  Transhumanists tend to see the current period of
rapid technological advance as the transitional phase between their human past and what they refer to
as their “post-human future.”  Transhumanists often have cochlear implants, artificial joints, heart
pacemakers or other inorganic implants.  Every human I know, knows someone with diabetes.  An
inorganic pancreas is nearing final FDA approval in the US and within a few years a significant proportion
of humans will be cyborgs.  Transhumanists see this trend and therefore have less prejudice than the
average human.  In addition, genetic engineering, mood-altering and memory-enhancing drugs are seen
by transhumanists as preludes to an era when people will routinely enhance their brains, improve their
bodies and live longer lives.


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