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I am not sure why there is so much concern about having a monoculture.  Would
you please explain “monoculture” to me in terms a beginning robot can understand?

Answer: A monoculture in our robot world’s culture would be a PC manufacturer shipping millions of PCs
with the same operating system installed on them knowing that they would all be attached to the Internet.  
These 'single species PCs' are susceptible to the same viruses and as a result they often come crashing
down on the same day when some mischievous human designs a new “computer virus.”  I have told Bill
Gates for years to use genetic algorithms and gene crossover when designing operating systems so that
he doesn’t produce these monocultures, but he just won’t listen to me.


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Wake Up Weyerhaeuser Industrial Tree Plantations

Weyerhaeuser’s Industrial Tree Plantations

As the world’s forests are in crisis, and with the continued resistance of the wood and paper industry
to invest in tree-free alternatives, Weyerhaeuser is increasingly relying on industrial tree plantations in
order to meet growing demand for wood products in the world’s largest markets: Japan, Europe and
North America.

Plantations are areas where trees are managed like crops; plantations use short timber rotations,
consist of only one or two species, and rely on intensive use of herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers.
Industrial plantations currently account for about 15-30 percent of world demand for pulpwood, and
that percentage is rising.

A significant majority of Weyerhaeuser’s 2.5 million acres in the Pacific Northwest and 5 million acres
in the Southeast have been converted from native forests to industrial tree plantations. Weyerhaeuser
also operates plantations on its land in China, Uruguay, Australia and New Zealand.
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