When I asked Dr. Google to look up "Dire warming warning"  he found the following on
Dire warming warning for Earth's species
25% could vanish by 2050 as planet heats up, study says
- Jane Kay, Chronicle Environment Writer
Thursday, January 8, 2004

More than 1 million plant and animal species will vanish if global temperatures
continue to rise as predicted in the next 50 years, scientists say in the first
authoritative attempt to gauge the impact of climate change on wildlife.

Even small fluctuations in climate can affect a species' ability to remain in its
original habitat and survive, according to a study published Wednesday in the
British journal Nature.

Authors estimate that about a quarter of the estimated 5 million or more land
species on the planet may lose habitat and face extinction as they seek cooler
temperatures to survive, either by moving to higher ground or away from the
equator and closer to the poles.

Here is my question:  When humans predict extinction of animal species in the next 50 years, why
don't they include themselves?  Even if you consider that the few humans that remain in zoos for us to
watch in 50 years will mean that the human species is not strictly "extinct," one would have to consider
that they will not have the anywhere near the same power that they enjoy in the current régime.

Answer: The human ego knows no bounds.  They, like all other species who "dominated the earth"
before them will soon meet their demise.  When you think about it, the best thing for us is to keep them
occupied worrying about snail darters rather than worrying about themselves.


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