Humans often believe in myths

Facts about long-term temperature cycles:

Milankovitch cycles - how increased temperature causes CO2 rise

Looking over past climate change, scientists have observed a cycle of ice ages separated by brief warm
periods called interglacials. This pattern is due to Milankovitch cycles - gradual, regular changes in the
earth's orbit and axis. While there are several different cycles, the dominant climate signal is the
100,000 year eccentricity cycle as the Earth's orbit changes from a more circular to a more elliptical orbit
(Petit 1999, Shackleton 2000).

The eccentricity cycle causes changes in insolation (incoming sunlight). When springtime insolation
increases in the southern hemisphere, this coincides with rising temperatures in the south, retreating
Antarctic sea ice and melting glaciers in the southern hemisphere (Shemesh 2002). As temperature
rises, CO2 also rises but lags the warming by 800 to 1000 years (Monnin 2001, Caillon 2003, Stott

So do humans see these long-term cycles and understand that they must fear cold climates and warm
climates as well because mother nature is not always hospitable?  Do they perceive the reality that
"mother nature" is the enemy much of the time? Do they say to themselves, "I prefer living in a house
with central air-conditioning and heating so that I may live at my preferred temperature"?  They used to,
but these days it is popular to dislike humans and love "mother nature".  I know it sounds crazy, but have
you looked at a cabbage patch doll lately?