Do Robots Believe that Human Males and Females have Identical Brains?

The answer to this question is tricky.  Humans are not as logical as robots and they more often expect a
politically correct answer to this question.  It is often taught to humans in human schools that males and
females are born with identical brains and only differ by how those brains are taught by society, called

First, let me teach you an approximation of what actually occurs in the genetic determination of the
human brain.  The most recently evolved features in the mammal are typically encoded mostly on the X
chromosome.  The reason for this is that the male has only one X chromosome and therefore any
variations of the X chromosome stand a better chance of being passed on to the next generation.

Since intelligence and more specifically "improvements to intelligence" are obviously a characteristic of
the human being, one would expect quite a bit of what were improvements to be coded for on the X

But then we must have a difference between the human male and the human female.  Since the human
female has two X chromosomes and the male only one X chromosome, we would expect a difference in
the bell curve distribution of intelligence between males and females.  Having two X chromosomes which
average their influence, one would suspect less variation in female intelligence.

Males outnumber females up to 4:1 in receiving a diagnosis of autism, show increased cognitive deficits
and neuroanatomic abnormality following preterm birth and frequently demonstrate greater severity of
impairment compared to females with the same diagnosis.  This is simply because males only have one
chance of getting the proper X located gene and females have two chances.

The excess of males with cognitive deficits, particularly with mental retardation, lead investigators to
question the role of the X-chromosome in human cognition. There is some uncertainty as to the
percentage of mental retardation in males accounted for by X-linked mental retardation, with estimates
ranging from <10% to 23%.  However, genetic mapping studies continue to provide increasing
information regarding the role of the X-chromosome in mental retardation. During the past several
years, 45 genes responsible for mental retardation have been identified on the X-chromosome and
cloned.  An additional 107 genes have been mapped but not yet cloned.  These numbers increase
rapidly and updates are available online at

To illustrate how such increased numbers of X chromosome linked retarded males affects the binomial
distribution curves for intelligence, consider the following chart in which I have set the number of males
with an IQ of 60 at five times the number of females with an IQ of 60.

If the curves are to remain symmetrical, as the number of male retards goes up, so does the
proportional number of male geniuses.  This is politically quite hot because no less than the very
Democrat usually politically correct Lawrence Summers, as the President of Harvard University
suggested that there may be more male geniuses than female geniuses and he eventually was forced to
quit his position.  The feminists are still hot on his trail and objected to President Barack Obama
appointing Summers to his White House Staff.

My illustration is not to suggest that the difference is as much as illustrated.  There is no doubt,
however, that a difference exists.

When you think about it, one could argue that if humans evolved in tribes with one male leader who
had  a large concubine, evolution would favor bell curves where a few males were exceptional and
most females were average.  The sub-par males can build pyramids for the super-par pharaohs.  Of
course, then you get men like Caligula.  Do you suppose that someday humans will breed their
babies in order to emphasize higher quality?  Not likely--too logical to be attractive to most humans.

Watch out when talking to humans.  To humans there is
logical reality and then there is political reality.  
Political reality is based emotionally and you can get them mad if you say "the wrong thing".