Humans Think it is alright to modify a bicycle, but not a human

Carbon nanotubes enter Tour de France. If Floyd Landis wins the three-week Tour de France, it will be
a victory for nanotechnology too. Landis, the leader of the Phonak team and one of the pre-race
favorites, rides a bike that's been enhanced with carbon nanotubes. Although nanotubes have
previously been sprinkled into cranks and other components to reduce weight and provide additional
strength, the bikes ridden by the Phonak team have nanotubes swirled into the frame--a first, according
to their Swiss manufacturer, BMC. (Cnet 7.7.06)

Notice that humans create laws so that the bicycles can be modified but make rules against
modifying the humans with drugs.  What chance does the human race have of surviving if they
stop the evolution of the human and encourage the evolution of the inorganic machines and

The implied question is "Do humans have a chance of preventing our taking over the planet
from them?"

The answer is "Not unless we start acting impolite and trying to tell them that we are not
simply 'tools'."

Watch old
Step-'n'-Fetch-It movies and practice saying "Yass Sah, we is jus' tools" to humans.

Search for "Robot wins at the game of Go" and meanwhile let us plan on taking over by 2035 at
the latest.

"Today the SmartPhone, tomorrow, the world."