Why do Human Games "of chance" not include skill?

Gambling has been made legal in many states such as Illinois where many bars have up to 5 slot
machines.  Many states also have a lottery where great attention has been paid to making the winning
number as random as possible.  

The key question is; "
Why has all skill been taken out of such gambling?"

1. Because the people who play the lotto and slot machines are relatively dumb and they don't want any
more money to go to those who are smarter than they are.
      Retort a) But simply by not playing the lotto or slot machines, the smart person is ahead.  This gives
the advantage to those who are smart in spite of all efforts to prevent this.

2. These games depend on intermittent reinforcement where the people who gamble tend to remember
the times that they won more than the times that they lost.  They end up bragging about their winnings,
which feeds their ego.  The problem is that they then have fits of depression when they look at the
useless life that they are leading.

3. Note that at Las Vegas where the game of 21 is played, the skill was introduced where people could
count the cards that had been played and gain an advantage.  An introduction of skill affects the ability
of the "house" to make money and is frowned upon.

4. In the case of horse racing, some skill is involved in the "art of handicapping" where the gambler may
know some facts about the horses that give him an advantage.  The problem is that the horse owners
may start un-true rumors and may give better advice to their friends and relatives.  People who
understand this may prefer to play games of pure chance.  The problem that this leaves them with is
that these games of "pure chance" are biased against their winning over the long term.

Another question is; "
Why are slot machines only available where liquor is served?"

1. Because when people drink alcohol, they act even dumber giving even more advantage to those who
seek to gain from the machines ability to win over time.

2. Liquor tends to help people forget their losses or to blame their losses on forces outside of their
control.  The next day they often brag about how "wasted" they were the night before as if to say that
they were having fun being in a state of overwhelming stupidity.

3. People drink to "have fun" and they gamble for entertainment as well.  Often these locations have
sports being broadcast which many low intelligent humans find entertaining.