Mechanical Design Software: Alibre

Talked to Rick Shepherd on September 22, 2010 about Alibre Graphics Programming Language testing
for 30 days.
After the trial, I can buy the $99 Hobby version and output STL files, he stated.  Those files can be read
MakerBot according to what he stated.
The Pro version would call for an additional $500 and allow for Data Exchange.  To use the ParaSolid
format described by Larry
Markus, it would require the $1199 version or another $600 upgrade. That would give you the features
of SolidWorks except that
SolidWorks can simulate fluid flow, something that I would like to do for a valve.

Trial expires October 22, 2010 PW: 13temp86

Larry says that ProE is very complicated to use.

He also says that SolidWorks uses the stl format which is what Alibre outputs.