ProjectBot Index to Projects on Homes

001 Solar Panels Ground Mounted for Manor
002 Microturbine Windmill for Manor
003 Figure out how the Ancients moved 60 ton blocks of granite
004 How did the fellow at Coral Castle move large blocks?
005 Understand Einstein and Relativity completely, give YouTube lectures on it
006 Understand Quantum Mechanics completely, give YouTube lectures on it
007 Unify Newton, Einstein and Quantum Mechanics
008 Investigate the controversy over Black Holes.  Electric Universe?
009 Learn how to read emotions on people's faces
010 Gather evidence on whether Jesus existed and if so did he travel to the far East?
011 Do healing of people like Jesus did.
012 Determine if we are living in a simulation
013 Is Tom Campbell correct about consciousness and free will being the foundation
014 Learn Tom Campbell's TMI healing and remote viewing
015 Show that being a meditator makes one capable of influencing a random number generator more
than someone who is not a meditator.
016 Learn how to do remote viewing
017 Investigate if Jesus travelled to the far East
018 Investigate what Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation can do
019 Convince people to take my advice on some medical matters that I have studied
020 Raise Money for a project to create a black hole and subsequently our own big bang universe
021 Ask Scientists if they believe in the fudge factors to the standard model
022 Why can't Smart Kids be duplicated?