WorldWide Political Considerations

Consider, if you will the linking of the individual to eventual outcomes.
For example, if a person votes for measures which benefit himself and leave others at a disadvantage in the long
run, shouldn't that individual be held accountable?

How about a Greek who lives in Greece while the country spends more than it takes in and eventually goes
bankrupt.  Should such an individual be held responsible if they then move to Germany and thereby avoid the misery
that comes to Greece and Greek citizens who are left behind in Greece?

How about the Mexican who lives in Mexico while the drug cartels rule and instead of doing anything about it, he
moves to the US to avoid the resulting bad economy and dangerous surroundings?

How about the US Citizen who lives in the US while the Drug War rages on thus causing the rise of drug cartels in

How about the Illinois citizen who votes for a new constitution to guarantee generous pensions for government
workers and then becomes one of those government workers with good a generous pension?

Should the vote or lack of voting of every individual be kept on record so that a computer can tally what they helped
to cause to happen and if it doesn't turn out to be good policy, that individual should be held to pay for their
misguided voting?