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001 Intro
002 Four political categories in the US
003 Frequently asked questions and Polbot's answers
004 Blogs Exposed CBS Dan Rather
005 Senator Edward Kennedy Announces Prejudice
006 Capitalism Through Socialism
007 Robots save ecology for rose
008 Conservatives are progressive
009 People live forever
010 Big government results
011 Who really cares
012 Drugs for Guns
013 Tape and video recorders
014 David Horowitz
015 Democrats redo 1968
016 Manning Obama, Oprah
017 Problems with having political parties according to George Washington
018 Spoof of Barack Obama's trip to China
019 JFK Assasination Theory
021 Democracy Fails
022 Government Lies to us.  Democracy Fails part 2
023 Takes on Medicare for Everyone Bill
024 Obama Increases Taxes by 3 Trillion Dollars
025 Tea Party Survey
026 End of America Rant
027 Corrupt Chicago Schools and Snowblower story
028 Why is NDAA not a Big Story?
029 Energy Policy, Both Parties Get it Wrong
030 Penetta reports to UN and Alex Jones comments on Coast to Coast AM
031 Conspiracy 911 Hoax
032 Message v. Reality
033 Obama's "Birth Certificate" is a fake
034 Only in America by Canadians
035 Radical Center Technology Party
036 The 9/11 Conspiracy
037 9/11 Conspiracy used to Plan Wars
038 Government is listening to everything
039 Hillary Cheating At Debate
040 Political Polls
041 Robert Young Pelton Hacking and Politics
042 Lack of LENR backing by politicians and their tech advisors
043 Lack of Robot-Backing By Politicians
044 Walk Away Movement


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