Survey of who citizens trust

Institution Trust                                         “a great deal” Trust “quite a lot”
The military                                                 41%                       32%
Small business                                            30%                       38%
The police                                                     25%                      31%
The church or organized religion              20%                      21%
The medical system                                     17%                      22%
The presidency                                             16%                      20%
The U.S. Supreme Court                              15%                      21%
The public schools                                       14%                      16%
Banks                                                             11%                      16%
Organized labor                                               8%                      15%
The criminal justice system                          9%                      14%
Television news                                               8%                     13%
Newspapers                                                       8%                     12%
Big business                                                     6%                     12%
Congress                                                           0%                        6%

Big business barely beats out Congress at the bottom of the trust ladder, certainly a sign that
things aren’t going very well on the trust scale—though our small businesses do very well
indeed, coming in second only to the military. For many of us, big business suggests
rapaciousness, the power to bully workers, and a cavalier attitude toward the well-being of
their consumers. And yet big business on average pays much higher wages and offers superior
benefits and workplace conditions compared with smaller business. In other words, arguably
the biggest problem with American business is the politically incorrect truth that too often it
simply isn’t big enough and successful enough. It isn’t ambitious enough or doing a good
enough job boosting profits and growing toward gargantuan size.11

From the book:
Big Business: A Love Letter to an American Anti-Hero
by Tyler Cowen
Location 162 in Kindle book