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010 Social Security
011 People are Living Longer
020 Female Circumcision
030 Reducing Poverty With Sterilization
040 Arizona Bans Human-Animal Hybrids
050 Fine tuning news fed to humans
060 Russian TV propaganda seems to have worked quite well
070 Medicare Tax on Money withdrawn from IRAs
080 Politicians Want To Be Remembered
090 Politicians Should Prepare because there are too many people
100 Harvard Covered up Cholera by UN
110 Statistics on Who is in the US President's Cabinet
120 Judyth Vary Baker and Lee Harvey Oswald
130 Clowns to the Left Jokers to the Right, Stuck in the middle again
140 Are Robots Left Wingers? What caused the Donald Trump Error?
150 Donald Trump Error
160 Libertarian's Choice
170 Message to Political Humans
180 New Era Propaganda
190 Are we in the age of Gaia?
200 Human misunderstanding of their own subconscious minds

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