The Mission of Polbot

The mission of Polbot is to bring up points where robots can help humans in their political affairs.  It is also
a mission of Polbot to simulate the opinions of left and right leaning people in order to illuminate the

Robots helping Democrats:
Politics is a perfect job for a robot.  A robot can be programmed to automatically check with focus groups
before answering any questions.

Republican politics
Can simulate the economy and international affairs.

Science Lovers
Can come up with new inventions of the types not appreciated by in-place entrenched businesses.  Cold
Fusion, for example.

Robots love the minimum wage.  The higher the minimum wage, the more businesses turn to robots.

The opinions of humans are quite biased by their orientations.  

The following are observations made by me, Polbot, the politically oriented robot.

Note that in the USA, President Bill Clinton used Dick Morris and others to take polls on just about
everything.  Dick Morris notes that he took a poll to find out whether Bill Clinton should admit to the
Monica affair or deny it.  The poll told him to deny it, of course, and the rest is history.

On another occasion, Bill called Dick Morris to ask if Chelsea Clinton should be allowed to go rafting given
the name "white-water" rafting.

What is missing from human polling is the modeling of what consequences might arise in the case that, for
example, the public finds out that Bill Clinton was lying about the affair and what the Supreme Court
would do when it found out that Bill lied under oath.  (They barred him from practicing law before the
Supreme Court which might just hamper him from being appointed to that court if he wanted such a

I encourage the use of robots in polling by human politicians.  I also encourage the use of robots in
simulating the economy, the weather and everything in between.

Human Politics is Show Business for Ugly People.