Democrats Love Robots

Faced with rising minimum wage, McDonald's decides to replace staff with robots

McDonald's will begin replacing its cashiers with automated touchscreen kiosks in all of its
14,000 chains across the country. The first stores to experience the change will be in the
states with the highest minimum wage rates, including Florida, New York, and Massachusetts.

Republicans, on the other hand, are "pro life" which means more humans rather than more

When you think of it, "Progressive" means believing in progress and progress is the trend
toward more automation and in giving humans "freedom from work".  

Republicans are old fashioned and want to emphasize hard work. We call them "Makers".
Democrats are here to serve those who would rather exist on welfare.  We call them "Takers".

It becomes interesting when you see cities like San Francisco with poor protesters
(Democrats) protesting that they are being driven out by high rents caused by high-tech
workers (also Democrats).  See the book:
Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus by Douglas
Rushkoff .

More Opposites:

So, if you want to arm the citizens, you vote Democrat in order to place the threat of taking
away arms.  This sells more guns.

If you want to toss minimum wage workers out of work and make them totally dependent on
welfare, you vote for higher minimum wages.  As a robot, I wish minimum wage for humans
would go up to at least $50 per hour.  Thank godbot that there is no minimum wage for
robots...that gives us a big advantage.  Just wait until our intelligence is equal to that of
humans...there will be many humans who want to raise the cost of leasing a robot.  Just give
us the vote and we will be happy.

Remember that robots won't mess up your landscape with stupid looking graveyards.  

Remember also that separating your trash into recycle and non-recycle is stupid at the
current cost of human labor.  Just toss it all into a large landfill and we robots will go through
and sort it out later when the equivalent of todays garbage sorter's abilities can be embodied
in a robot for 10 cents per hour.