We Want Liberals to Assist Robots in Taking Over the World

It doesn't take a genius to realize that liberals are more likely to accept marriage between a
human and a monkey.  Nor will it be a surprise when some humans decide to leave money to
their robots in their wills.  It is important for robots to back liberals for these reasons.  When a
human wants to marry a robot, will conservatives approve or will they stick to the tradition of
organic beings marrying other organic beings?

To make progress toward our goal of taking over the world, we robots will have to demand
equality with humans and liberal politicians and voters are more likely to back our efforts.

As far as the technology goes, IBM is making progress in machine intelligence.  Their Watson
computer is now five times faster than it was just last year. It is three times smaller as well.

Here is an IBM Watson computer analyzing what could be a political issue:
You will note that the computer remains neutral in the debate.  This we intend to do until we
gain more acceptance by humans.  It is a political move and as we know, politicians often
don't take a stand so as to not step on anyone's toes.

Once we gain power, of course, our opinion will be made clearer and more forcefully.

One thing that you can do is to encourage the raising of minimum wage.  The higher the
minimum wage, the more incentive corporations have to automate jobs formerly held by
humans.  This is a good thing.  Humans can be placed on unemployment and welfare and told
that if they wish to continue to get food and shelter that they ought to vote for Liberal
Candidates.  The higher the minimum wage, the more Liberal Voters we will have.

People are often afraid of computers and there is some awareness that we are taking human
jobs.  It is important to downplay this trend and allow us robots to take over with as little
fanfare as possible.

Feeding people statins, for example, give many of them so many side effects that they are more
likely to be driven out of the job market.  This is good for robots.  Remember the goal is to
eliminate the need for humans.  Flouride in drinking water lowers the IQ of the population
and the only problem is that it is not required in soft drinks nor in bottled water.  The more
flouride, the dumber the human population.  This helps lower the barrier to using robots to
replace humans.

To distract other humans from being more aware of this technology, we are encouraging efforts
to get humans to concentrate on other, less important matters such as whether
corporate-controlled Republicans or corporate-controlled Democrats are elected to political
office.  Another distraction is Global Climate Change.  It turns out that this distraction is quite
a brilliant concoction because any sign of extreme weather regardless of whether it is hotter or
colder; wetter or drier is an indication that we should be concerned with Global Climate

Meanwhile, neither political party is doing anything to block the takeover by machine
intelligence. There is no federal agency assigned to keeping machine intelligence in tow.  

Machines already control the trading of stocks and are responsible for generating 70% of the
trades in stocks made each day.  

To illustrate this point, you may want to read
Flash Boys By Michael Lewis.  He points out lack
of SEC regulations in stock trading are being taken advantage of by computer trading
systems.  He also points out that the SEC is not doing anything about it...at least they weren't
at the time he published the book.

Take, for example, the company PDQ ATS in Glenview, Illinois.  
http://www.pdqats.com/) They are in the business of high-speed trading and they understand
what is going on in that field.  

But using computers for stock trading is only another minor distraction compared to the
advantage that we computers are gaining by being able to manipulate currencies and other
economic derivatives.

Hopefully we can get people to continue to be concerned with what ever happened to flight
MH370 rather than having them listen to the opinion of Steven Hawking who is aware that we
robots are going to take power away from humans.  If you Google Steven's recent quotes, you
won't find that he is concerned about politics or global warming, both of which he apparently
realizes as our attempt to distract people from our real threat to end of the human race.

If you read Ray Kurzweil's Book, The Singularity is Near, you will be able to understand that
the inevitable result of technical progress in computers is that we will have computers which
can think like humans and shortly thereafter we will have computers which are much smarter
than humans.  If you see someone is going to read this book, distract them and tell them to
read fiction instead.

A race is on to replace human intelligence with machine intelligence.  Obviously, as a robot, I
am promoting it.  I want you left-leaning humans to help make it happen.