Leftbot says that the higher the minimum wage, the better

On January 18, 2008 Barach Obama stated that if he were president, he would make sure that the
minimum wage was raised every year, not every ten years.  This philosophy is attractive to robots who
would otherwise be in competition with low-wage human workers.  McDonald's is looking at using more
robots in their stores.

Interestingly, one of the first jobs they are looking to replace is that of project planner and manager, as
shown by the following article:

March 16, 2007
Robot To Fast Food Nation - Hyperactive Bob - Raises More Funds
Since we last reported on HyperActive Technologies, at their Series A round, they seem to have put
together more metrics to sell their robots to fast food chains. Their robot, Hyperactive Bob is sold as the
brain center at fast food vendors. He counts cars and people, determines what food and how much to
create and directs kitchen staff to cook the proper food.The results they claim are:
* 23% improvement in speed of service
* 65% decrease in product hold time
* 81% reduction in food waste

The system costs abot $5000 per store. While it has been testing at McDonalds and Burger King stores,
the company landed its first big customer, Zaxby's, a franchise chain with more than 300 outlets in the

Pittsburgh-based HyperActive Technologies has raised $8.4M in additional Series B funding from
Spencer Trask Ventures, says VentureWire.

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