Leftbot says that people need to be taken care of

For example, what if a human skips meals or doesn't eat a balanced diet?  Shouldn't a robot be
assigned to that person in order to educate her?  Skip a meal?  A robot knocks on your door
and questions you about the wisdom of your actions.  Then he issues a citation...only a
warning the first time.  Not eating your vegetables?  Citation 2 gets issued.  After awhile a
person may commit so many violations that they have to be imprisoned for their own good.  In
prison they can be more carefully watched to make sure that they do the right thing for their
own good.  Perhaps we need robots such as the small flying insects in the movie, "The
Minority Report".

Slowly, as time goes on, things will be better for humans as we "get them under control."

We need a list of things humans do wrong.
Don't tie their shoelaces.
Use transfats for cooking.
Don't eat their spinach.
Deplete the Ozone layer with their CF2Cl2 freon?
Don't fasten their seatbelts.
Don't wear helmets when driving a motorcycle.
Don't believe that PCBs are dangerous?
Don't believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming?
Wait, how about showing them how stupid it is to ride a motorcycle at all?
As I said, after awhile a person who commits so many violations may have to be imprisoned for
their own good.  After all, Karl Marx would like it that way.