Leftbot left wing political views index

001 Taking care of humans.
002 Welfare because humans need help from government.
003 Evolution is our belief...sort of.
004 Boosting minimum wage helps robots.  Robots looking to take Project Management positions
005 Government wants to control our diet
006 List of fake crises that politicians want to convince us exist and that they will fix for us
008 Michelle Obama's Thesis
009 Illinois Teachers Unions protect criminal teachers
010 Ted and Carolyn Kennedy back Obama, the Robot Lover
011 Sharon Stone banned from China
012 Lysenko and Steven Jay Gould love political correctness over scientific objectivity
013 Keith Bowden's Tecate Journals
Government always knows better.
014 Obama Dashele for Ethanol
015 Mary is a Conservative but calls herself a Liberal
016 Leftist humans to help robots take over the world, thank you Democrats
017 Not even MSNBC can sit still for Obama's attack on democracy
0180 Minimum Wage Means Robots
0181 Minimum Wage Means Robots
019 Retirement After 20 years is either a scam or something that can be fixed with robot labor
020 Warren Farrell vs. Feminists
021 Protective Democrats
022 Lenin promised electrification of Russia
023 States being destroyed by Democrats
024 European Liberals have not created jobs like Facebook, Google and Amazon have
025 Being White in A Black World
026 Communism Described
027 Nazi Supporters
028 Belief in Evolution is inconsistent

War on Men

Why we should use the term "Big Brother" instead of government.
We should have provided the Neanderthals with welfare.