Teaching Excellence not Encouraged in New York Law

"While the state was consumed by the downfall of Eliot Spitzer last week, the Assembly passed a bill that would
pre-emptively bar New York City and other school districts from linking teacher tenure to students’ test scores.

Randi Weingarten, the president of the United Federation of Teachers, said on Monday that she had not pressed for
the legislation, though she was,
of course, supporting it. Some legislators said they were taken by surprise to learn
that the provision was tucked into the huge budget bill passed by the Assembly last Wednesday."


According to Bill Gates in his February 2009 speech at TED, the legislation, or something like
it passed and is law in New York.
This is his famous speech where he let mosquitoes go when talking about malaria.
The second half of the speech is about teaching.  In the teacher section he mentions that:
Top Quartile teachers will increase student's education significantly.
After teaching 3 years, teacher quality does not change.
Master's degree has very little affect on teaching quality.
But it is seniority and Masters degrees that cause teacher's salaries to go up.  Just backwards
from the way things should be.  Watch the video to see how Bill Gates tries to put an optimistic
spin on things while understanding that the very powerful teacher's unions are standing in
his way.