Poplar Creek Public Library, Streamwood:
The room is located on the first floor, we have Wi-Fi, and one wired Internet Connection plus a projector
requiring a video cable to connect to.  Parking is across the street, and the library is located at 1405 S
Park, Streamwood, IL, one light East of Bartlett Rd, and one block south of Irving Park Rd:  

Some of the following topics that can be revisited and addressed or expanded, got many suggestions in
the last month and we probably won’t get to all these:

-          Aug 17:  Guidance and discussion on setting up a new PC

-          Aug 17:  New Windows 10 points

-          Aug 17:  Member Don is acquiring a new system and has questions related to these points, he
also has another we can walk through the upgrade process.

-          Aug 17:  System recovery experiences and comments

-          Aug 17:  Robocopy vs Xcopy followup from final implementation

-          Aug 17:  Boot partition free space issue and NAS selection and backup strategy

-         Brainstorming session on topic requests
-    We can look at OS services, what you may do with them.

-    The usual varied and useful discussion of a variety of topics and developments

As always, open discussion is aplenty through the evening. Often the unplanned discussion is almost as
useful and interesting as the prepared comments and demonstration.

-  We could really use a meeting transcriber that could share the topics covered and points made in an
occasional article for eHard Copy.  Please raise your hand if you’d be interested in helping with this – on
an as available basis.