-TiVo downstairs in family room at Hawthorn Woods cannot dial in using phone.

-Cannot receive WiFi signal in MBR Hawthorn Woods on the Laptop computer.

-Set up weather station at Lake house.

-Install Sling-box in Living Room at Lake House

-Install the horizontal Computer in MBR Hawthorn Woods.  Clean up cords so they aren't a mess.

--Movies and Photographs.  All family photos and movies should be available to all family members.  
Transfer movies to hard disc drives.  Use DIVX or whatever standard is likely to last a long time.  Some
have already been transferred to DVD.  These movies should be available via the internet from a central
storage platform.  For example, Janine should be able to play a movie via Sling-box if I put the DVD into a
DVD player for her or perhaps a better scheme.

Get Dana's iTunes working on 5 computers.  The one in her bedroom, her laptop (it will be here in HW
April 26-28) and eventually on Janine's as well.