I am Medbot, the robot who considers medical information.
This is Bob Russell's attempt to set a mission for attaining health improvements for DPM:

Mishatalkers Toastmasters Club #694
Speaker’s Introduction Form
Date: 5/ 8/14
Speaker’s Name: Don Martin
Personal Information for Speech Introduction:
Don was recently commanded to follow a particular diet to respond to
a current medical problem. Since then he has discovered that there are
conflicting research opinions about the effectiveness of diets within
particular human bodies. There are many uncertainties of published
research about diets, vitamins, and supplements. These relate to
financial support, political trends, cultural trends, research techniques,
etc. that make a search for more verifiable knowledge a practical
course of his personal action.
He will discuss the desired benefits of a larger program with this
Title of Speech: Nutrition Research Program Needs Definition Project
TM Manual Name
TM Speech Type:
Manual Speech Objectives:
1) Collect information about your topic from numerous sources
2) Carefully support your points and opinions with facts, examples,
etc. gathered from research
Time of Speech: from _ to _ minutes
Evaluator: ______________________________
Other comments:
Setup tasks with Sgt at Arms:
Handouts: Y/N: _ ; Advice: use colored paper to aid the handout’s tabletop retrieval.
Q.: Is speaker or the Toastmaster to inform audience of any handouts? Spkr/TM: ____
Audience simulation lead-in (if used): “You are to evaluate this
speech as members of … (this Toastmaster club.)
(another stated organization or condition.) …

asking and answering medical questions