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Coronary Arteries

Cranial Plate Replacement
Diabetes Cure
Eye Cornea
Eye Retina
Ear Replacement
Heart pacemaker
Heart replacement
Brain enhancement for Parkinson's Disease
Lower Leg
Liver Replacement
Hip Replacement
Arm Replacement
Sensory Feedback Replacement for Arm
Hippocampus Replacement improving memory
Replacing any given part of the human brain after first learning to manipulate it
Spinal Disc
Thymus created from stem cells
Tracheal Splint
Shoulder Joint
Cranial Plate
Color-Coded Organs
Height Manipulation
Organic Lung replacement
Respirocytes to replace Red Blood Cells
Brain-Machine interface
Avoiding Statins
Muscle Substitutes
DNA Decoding
DNA creation
Roman Catholic Church reacts to the creation of "synthetic life"
1201 Human Body Odor
1210 Anthony Atala is growing tissue and many organs as well
1501 Would some people want to add extras such as gecko sticky feet?
1520 Human Gut Contains Vital "Friendly" Bacteria
Monitoring Human Body
Growing v. Printing Section
Grow versus Print Index
Printing Human Organs
Maintaining Human Organs and Bodies
Restoring Sensory Feedback
Link between Brain and Immune system
Monitoring Human Body
Scaffold Section
Scaffold for Bones

Mental Improvement