Language is Biased

You should be aware that words are created in political ways to bias meaning.

Consider the book, Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley.  In that book he talked about
"Newspeak" which was developed by a government in the future in order to control the minds
of humans.

Fantasy?  You think that you are safe because it never happened?

Consider the following:

Fiction is preferred over nonfiction partially because minds prefer the "whatever" over the
"non-whatever", the "thing" over the "non-thing".  
Humans are therefore being led to read about non-facts rather than facts, simply because of a
bias in the language.  This is not to claim that if things were reversed that people wouldn't still
prefer stories to facts.

Organic is preferred over inorganic simply because minds all prefer the object over the
Humans may want to prefer the organic to the inorganic, but is that fair to the robots?

Flammable is preferred to inflammable for the reasons given above.
But here we don't even have a choice.  The words are synonymous.